Mayor Awin Baldo signs Executive Order No. 10, halting the issuance of new permits for the operation of quarries and other related operations in Daraga. This procedure is based on the Executive Order No. 18 that was issued by Gov.Noel Rosal, to adequately investigate the quarry operation throughout the entire province of Albay.

According to certain reports, there have been violations of quarry operations, particularly by operators who lack a license to operate. In addition, there are discrepancies in the revenue report for the aforementioned operations.

The released executive order places emphasis on the need to evaluate and update those who had been granted permits, whether they have licenses or not, to determine whether they complied with environmental laws and regulations.

The EO likewise seeks to ensure the safety of Daragueños from the potential repercussions of the mentioned operations, especially during the rainy season.

Photo credits: Municipal Engineering Office (MEO)