“Padagus ang pag-suysuy, padagus ang pagtrabaho. Nagatubod ako na posible ang maray na pagbabago basta kita nagatarabangan.”

This has been the message of Mayor Awin Baldo yesterday, as he reflected on his first 100 days in office since he began his administration on July 1, 2022. He enumerated his accomplishments throughout the first 100 days of his leadership as the local chief executive of Daraga in a post on his official Facebook page.

  • We launched Arangkada Banwa Mobile Laboratory and Clinic (ABMLC) during my first week of administration. Until this day, it continues to provide free medical service to thousands of Daragueños.
  • We reduced the market rental costs that has been a complaint of market stall owners and vendors.
  • We abolished the parking fees that only added strain to the motorists.
  • We launched Daraga Public Information Office on our first day of office.
  • We abolished Day Care Center fees and made them free for everyone in Daraga.
  • We were able to generate a budget for the laptops and printers in Daraga’s primary and secondary schools.
  • We organized the wet and night market of our town.
  • We regulated quarry operations and activities.
  • We addressed the issue of traffic and continues to improve it.
  • We augmented the workforce of the Public Safety Officers and we strictly enforced ordinances.
  • We eradicated the unnecessary fees in Daraga Community College (DCOMC).
  • We organized the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) and the applications for business permits significantly increased this year. We also coordinated the other departments.

As a follow through to his six-point development strategy, Mayor Baldo said he still has a lot of projects and programs to work on, including the Orange Card program, establishing a hospital, repairing the transportation and water systems, and numerous other initiatives.

The mayor also extends his gratitude to everyone who has supported him and his leadership and continues to do so.

“Lugod magka-urusad kita. Lugod, magtarabangan kita. Lugod, mag-iribaan kita sa padagos pa na pag-arangkada san satun na banwang Daraga,” Mayor Baldo expresses.